Bianca Colgan

Assistant Property Manager

0427 024 373

In a busy agency like O’Shea, the front of house sees a lot of action! Bianca is our “face to the world” in reception, where she is the first point of contact for enquiries and keeps our client-facing hub running smooth as clockwork, day in/day out.

Our clients and our team alike appreciate Bianca’s unflappable approach. She has a knack for remaining calm and collected, no matter what the day brings. Her background includes 6 years as a dispensary technician and 4 years as a beauty therapist, where she developed sound interpersonal skills and a focus on delivering quality work. She knows how to build rapport quickly, be patient and zero in on people’s needs. Kind and reliable, she approaches everyone with respect, whether face-to-face or on the phone.

Given her nature, Bianca has a not-so-surprising after-hours alter ego – crazy cat lady/animal cruelty activist. She also runs her own beauty business in lash extensions and treatments, and enjoys staying fit with a yoga class or gym session.