Do you see what we see?

At O’Shea Agency, we see real estate differently. We see it through the prism of your vision (not ours). Every move you make in property you make for a reason – to generate wealth, create a lifestyle, shape the future.

Our real estate superpower is sharing in your vision, understanding what you want to achieve, then using all our resources to make sure you not only get there, but also enjoy the journey. That’s where our boutique size comes into its own. Under the leadership of Director Greg O’Shea, we’re not limited by big brand philosophies or small-town thinking. By sales territories or listing quotas. By jargon or rigmarole. Being independent means we get to shape-shift what we do to fit your exact needs. We speak your language. And we hear you.

If you’re cautious or uncertain, we’ll establish the facts so you can decide with confidence.

If you’re looking to dare greatly, we’ll make sure you fully understand the risks and the opportunities … then we’ll go boldly with you.

Our brand is new and our thinking is fresh, but our experience is broad and deep. We’re known for our expertise, integrity and discretion. We’re as serious about property as you are. In fact, we’re as thick-skinned and hard-nosed as they come in our industry. We just understand that none of that counts unless we give you what we promise – a truly bespoke service centred on what matters to you.

Now, do you see what we see? We see you.